Cheers to smoother shifts.

Farewell to paper clutter, too-long lines, and overwhelmed staff. Whether you are running a full-service or quick-service restaurant, Dinifi’s all-in-one smart solution can help you grow your business, make better decisions, and keep your guests coming back.


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Give your restaurant the ingredients for success.

Dinifi solutions are intuitive for your staff to manage and for your guests to use. With easy onboarding, training, and dedicated support, it’s a cinch to get started.

Mobile App

Join a list of trending, local eats. Show off your menu. Get on your guests’ radar. Open your restaurant up to new audiences and opportunities.

Digital Menus

Showcase your dishes. Spotlight your specials. Engage with promotions. Change the prices and details with ease, and from anywhere.

Kitchen Display

Help your chef, servers and staff collaborate in real time. Track orders at every stage. Guide dishes through each station, from arrival to delivery.


Perfect for restaurants, hotels, and workspaces — wherever quick self-service ordering is needed. Serve multiple lines and reduce staff. Focus on hospitality.

Tableside Ordering

Can be used as staff-assisted or self-service. Fulfill orders with speed. Upsell menu items and add-ons. Free up servers for more quality time with guests.


Access quick, reliable drivers with new delivery orders. Track their progress. Keep guests updated in real-time. Your orders are in trusted hands.

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